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IBF 4800

Water Jet Technology

HydraPak utilizes water jet cutting technology to manufacture customized, prototype, and volume gaskets. Effective on virtually any material (metal, acrylic, rubber, plastic, etc.), our water jet is fully programmable and does not require tooling. Because water jets do not produce heat in the cutting process, we are able to cut your custom-designed gaskets and seals with remarkable precision.

gasketsFor standard or custom gaskets, come to the best source: HydraPak.

HydraPak designs, engineers, and manufactures precision gaskets for the most challenging applications. Our same-day custom gasket service will exceed customer expectations. We provide an extensive range of materials that can be die-cut into any shape or pattern in standard or metric dimensions. Our sheet materials meet requirements for the medical, military and semi-conductor industries. For food or medical applications we stock or can source a wide variety of materials that meet FDA standards.

Sheet Goods

We stock all the standard rubber materials—nitrile, Viton™, EPDM, silicone—in standard thicknesses available by the square foot or yard. Our custom gasket shop specializes in short-run, application-specific gaskets made from a wide range of materials including: rubber compounds, vegetable fiber, PTFE, plastics, non-asbestos aramid fibers, closed and open-cell sponges. If you need assistance with your application, our experienced gasket specialists are available to help you get the job done.


Griswold Rubber®
Mosite Rubber®
JM Clipper®
Eastern Adhesives®
American Biltrite®
Dodge Regupol®
West American Rubber®
Diversified Silicone®

Gasket Types

Pump Covers
Flange Gaskets
FDA Water Filtration
Sponge Gaskets
Box Gaskets
Hand-Fabricated (no tooling cost)
Bearing Pads


Buna (Nitrile)
Silicone Rubber and Sponge
Cork and Neoprene
Closed-Cell Sponge
Open-Cell Sponge
Shim Stock
Vegetable Fiber
Compressed Sheet
Food Grade Rubber
Bearing Pad Material
Flexible Graphite
Expanded PTFE
FDA Sponge Rubber

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