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Engineered Plastics

Engineered PlasticsEngineered plastics are custom made seals that offer solutions to the toughest applications.  One of the most popular seal styles is loaded with a metal spring that provides exceptional compression-set resistance, while permitting low range eccentricity and compensates for wear and tear, particularly for dynamic applications. The seal is usually made from PTFE and other plastics like PEEK, UHMWPE, Acetal or Nylon. Typically, engineered seals are used in place of elastomer seals because of the following conditions:
• Media incompatibility
• Extreme temperatures (-450° to +550° F)
• Friction sensitive applications
• High surface speeds
• Dynamic sealing of abrasive or non-lubricating applications
• High PV rates (pressure x velocity)
• Explosive decompression

We carry a variety of engineered plastic seals from reliable manufacturers such as SKF Polyseal. Their line of Spectraseals come in a variety of spring styles, including helical and cantilever, in a wide range of lip profiles and face designs. Custom seal designs are also available.

Typical Applications Include:

• Metering pumps
• Chemical processing valves
• Down hole tools
• High pressure gas compressors
• Turbo-expanders
• Cryogenic pumps
• Expansion joints
• High pressure water or steam valves
• Swivel joints
• Vapor recovery nozzles
• Paint pumps
• Adhesive pumps
• Spray guns
• High pressure cleaning equipment
• Plastic extrusion equipment
• Glass processing equipment
• Refrigeration equipment
• HPLC (High Pressure Liquid Chromatography)
• Silicone wafer processing equipment
• Gas turbine engines
• Mixing equipment
• Food processing equipment
• Robotics
• Machine tools
•Mechanical face seals


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