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HydraPak's cutting edge vulcanization technology produces high quality seals with large diameter capabilities for your demanding applications. Vulcanization is an excellent solution for non-standard sized O-rings and seals delivering greater strength and tighter tolerances.

Vulcanization is a heating and molecular bonding process—profile ends are fused together using heat, rubber adhesive, pressure, and time to chemically bond the joint, creating a continuous seal. Vulcanization causes the polymer chains in rubber to become crosslinked. The polymer chains can no longer move independently, which allows the material to stretch under stress and return to original form when the pressure is released. This results in a stronger, more stable seal suitable for a wider range of applications. Conventional techniques like splicing of extruded cord are inferior to the vulcanization process.

Using a completely customized design without the cost and lead-time associated with tooling, vulcanization ensures both visual and dimensional integrity in the seal. Our engineering team performs expertly from design, to prototype, to production. With HydraPak you get the best vulcanized bond on the market for the best price.

Dimensional and material validation is available upon request.


With each material compound's particular properties and limitations, it can be challenging to find the right material for your application. Our technical support is on hand to listen to and analyze your needs so we may recommend a compound that is accurate and cost effective.


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